Parents of Human Or Non Human Babies?

I’ve always wondered about couples who choose to make their pets “children”. To me, it is most absurd… (no offence though!). It is one thing to choose not to have babies, but to make the pets “Our Babies” is pretty strange idea, at least to me. Well, if you call yourself your pet dog’s mommy / daddy or vice versa, won’t that make you a dog too? Erm, I guess one can truly love and dote on the pets but must you call them your kids? Well, the beloved dog of  local celebrity DJs Glenn Ong and Jamie Yeo was treated as child to determine who shall be its custodian when they divorced. That is the trend now.  Sad to say, the truth is that some animals really have life better than that of a human on this earth.

I know there are many parallels in having a pet and baby, however, the baby grows and the pet seem to forever be on the babying stage. Choosing a pet to be “baby” instead of a real one seems like a worldly idea than a Godly one, because the world today says that having kids is “difficult”, “inconvenient” and “troublesome” or even, “a lifetime of headache with no return” etc. I wonder why some Christian couples actually buy this idea. In the Bible, barrenness was always something to be mourned about, whereas the birth of a child is always a blessing from God, or that God has “remembered” or “heard” the woman. It was only recently that children were seen as a liability. And it is an option today for couples whether to have children because of the advent of contraception methods.

We do have more freedom to chose today (not only whether or not to have children), but we also have the responsibility to choose responsibly. It really doesn’t help when we are given more choices! (Read: Temptations!)  The ideas that the world put forth is often  the “easier way out”, less painful or more pleasurable. God knows better, He has written it all in His Word, the Bible. We may perceive what the Bible says as more difficult or a path filled with thorns. Or we fear it because not many has done it before. Therefore we form pre-conceptions because other people says that having kids is “oh, we had to give up this and that for the child…it was terrible…they’re a nuisance…sap your energy…no personal time…expensive…” etc. However, I do think there is great joy that comes from obeying God, because He really does know better.  Do you agree that it is better to adopt God’s values than the world’s although it does not seem that way? Perhaps that is why Christian walk is always a step of faith, because it is not the “norm” to have children and be cheerful about it. (Some have kids but resent them)

I have experienced the joy of having children. Although it wasn’t easy (especially in the beginning!), having kids has brought so much satisfaction in our marriage and personal walk with God.

As my favourite hymn goes, Trust and Obey, there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to Trust and Obey. Remember Proverbs 3:5-6 too!

By the way, that baby in the picture is mine. =)



  1. Fern

    AMEN!!! 🙂 Very well said. I love your blog!

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