I Am Thankful


This is our 5th year in marriage. I am very glad that WM and I are going to be out of our “danger zone”, because study have shown that should any “cracks” appear, it would be within the first 4 years of marriage. In this short span of 5 years, we have fought and quarreled a lot, have had 2 babies, fought and quarreled more, and still… we hope to have more babies. So I guess we are going to last even more than 5 years. For this, I am thankful.

I am thankful to WM because he (not in order of importance and this list is definitely not exhaustive):

1) never gets angry whenever I am angry so that he doesn’t make me even angrier. He is often so calm and collected…especially when I am angry and yell a lot.

2) always answer my irritating question “do you love me”? Even if it is only just the standard one word answer… (I wanted to hear the “because” part…I think most girls want to hear more than that)

3) helps to wash dishes when I feel tired or when I don’t feel like washing.

4) helps to put baby TX to sleep even after a long day at work.

5) reads to TC, our elder boy, before bedtime and put him to bed too.

6) drills holes around the house where I need them.

7) willingly eat my cooking even if it taste bad and encourage me to do better. He has made me to desire to continue cooking and it has only improved.

8) carries all the heavy stuff when we go out, because I’ve got a bad back.

9) keeps me from being foolish and making bad decisions (almost always). Although I don’t really want to listen sometimes…heeh.

10) thinks I am talented and smart.

11) waking up at night to bring baby for me to nurse and then putting baby back to the sarong.

12) genuinely likes children and really love our kids.

13) doesn’t watch soccer. My, aren’t I glad.

14) very hands-on daddy. Pretty much does everything mommy does except for nursing.

15) tries not to play so much computer games because he knows I don’t like it.

16) tries to be a good daddy. (and I think he is!)

17) agree to, encourage and affirm me of my desire to stay home full time.

18) has the courage to lead our family.

19) always tease me (although I don’t really like that because I feel embarrassed but I guess that is his way of saying he loves me and he is still interested in me)

20) never says no when I request that he helps look after the children so that I can play badminton, sing karaoke or attend wedding dinners to catch up with friends.

21) loves me enough to stick around even when I know I am not likeable at all and even a pain to be with.

22) Finally, I am thankful because I married WM. I guess no one else could have taken my nonsense and still stayed.

With all the quarrels and fights, we just got better at patching up. I’m really glad it wasn’t the other way round. I got better at not losing my very big and quick temper and WM got better at expressing himself and not hole up. It is as “iron sharpen iron”. Prov 27:17.

As long as our relationship is good, I found I have great motivation to be a good mother. It is the pre-requisite to rearing healthy, happy and contented children. How can a woman ever think she can be independent and raise kids without the approval and support of her husband?

Anyway, according to the study, we’ve got another milestone to reach: the eldest child to reach 7 years old, which is in another 4 years time. Let’s not get complacent and continue to work towards a successful marriage and loving relationship.



  1. GraceLim

    Congratulations! WM is really a good husband and u r also a good wife + mum. God bless…jiayou jiayou !!

  2. Wei bin

    Hey Shi Hui, thks for sharing. Glad to hear tt you ve a good husband 😀 . inspired story of yours. Cheerss!!😃

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