Keeping Vegetables Fresh For A Week Or More

Photo Credit: Lock & Lock Australia

I do not market everyday, even if the wet market is almost next door. I can only afford to do that maximum once a week, mainly on weekends. I try my best not to lug the 2 kiddos along or I might break my vocals trying to scream louder than the lelong uncles. I also try my best to complete the marketing in the shortest time possible. Therefore all my trips have to be planned, purposeful and focused. I love the market because you can buy in small quantities unlike supermarkets. It allows us to enjoy a greater variety of food without wasting or feel like we gotta quit eating something for the rest of the year after a meal. After all, I only have 2 adults, 1 toddler & 1 baby (who eat very little) to feed at the moment.  =)

The main problem of marketing once a week or once a fortnight is to keep green leafy vegetables fresh. For meats, it wouldn’t be a problem as you can buy as much as your freezer could hold. WM & I love vegies so they make daily appearance on our table as one of the main dish. However most green leafy vegetables start to deteriorate in less than 3 days, even in the vegetable compartment of your fridge. If you do not repack the vegetables after purchasing into newspaper, they may keep probably about 2 days before starting to turn yellow or look withered. I used to work around this problem by cooking the green leafy vegetables the first 3 days after I market, and cooking the hardier vegetables like french beans, snow peas, lady’s finger etc for the rest of the week.

The breakthrough came after I discovered that Lock & Lock containers are excellent in keeping vegetables fresh for a week or even more ( A record of 2 weeks!) and we no longer have to eat that way. To cater to our consumption, I own 2 large rectangular containers of the same footprint, about the size of A4 paper, one of greater depth than the other. They stack in the fridge and so saves some space. The trusty Lock & Locks help me to minimize my marketing trips and enable us to eat more green leafys. Meanwhile, my chinese herbs has become resident of the vegetable compartment and occasionally, house the fruits that spills over from the fruits compartment when we make a trip to the fruit stalls or NTUC. You can also consider using these containers too to store the greenies, especially if you don’t know when you would ever cook them and need to store them as long as possible…

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of Lock & Lock nor do I earn/benefit anything for sharing this post. My aim is to share something that I use & love, and I hope that it would enhance your homemaking experience.  There are many other similar products in the supermarket of comparable quality and varying prices which you may want to consider and I believe any other air tight containers work just as well.


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