Yucky Poo!!!


Do you find the smell of your kid’s poo overpowering? Great as a mother’s love may be, it is a fact that we have to do the dirty job (just like any job, someone just have to clear that s***t) and frankly I do not like it. Despite the fact that I have overcome the psychological barrier to the point that I can use cloth diapers (just add a liner, my friend, it helps a lot), we would gladly pass this job to someone else, given the choice.

Well then, I think it is also fair that we try our best not to pass on this smelly problem when we go out, even if you think your kid’s cute smile would melt anyone’s heart and allow you to get away with almost anything. Every time you change your child’s diapers outside, whether a shopping mall or public area or even anyone’s home, wrap it up neatly (see the picture above). Then bag the soiled diaper, including the wet wipes, with a plastic bag, because the fragrance of the poo will soon fill the entire refuse bin if you don’t. Spare a thought for the next parent who would be opening it to throw another piece of diaper, or the cleaner who would clear the bin. Once this bin is open (if it has a lid, which they normally do) once again after you leave, all hell (Ahem, I mean, smell) break loose.

Fair that we want our child to have a clean butt, and get rid of that diaper into the bin as if it were 300deg Celsius hot, but please, don’t pass the s***t to someone else. It will probably take an additional 10sec on your part to hold your breath and wrap that diaper up, then another 10sec to bag it. It will really make a square meter of this earth a better place to be in. So, the next time you go out, bring a few small plastic bags for those poo-ed ones! Happy diapering!

P.S. Do remember to tie a knot on your bag!


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