Addition to Our Family

No no, I’ve not popped yet… it’s that we’ve hired a domestic helper after much prayer and seeking God. Every step to hiring this particular lady was divinely appointed and we are so glad to have her as part of our family.
DH has always rejected the idea of having a stay-in domestic helper and I pretty much survived with fortnightly or weekly (depends on need) part time help. Of course I have my apprehension too after hearing much horror stories…However we came to crossroads after I found I was expecting no. 3. I have to find some way to cope…among our options were to send kids to childcare, hire baby sitter, ask in-laws, try to cope myself. Hiring domestic help did cross my mind but we didn’t seriously consider it until much later. I am reluctant to do the 1st two options and option 3 was out (in-laws and my parents can’t help). I was trying my best to work things out on my own based on Managers Of The Home but I found myself still struggling. My first trimester was horrible, as usual, and I was pretty diligent to send TC to childcare so I get some relief, although I really didn’t wish to. (He is enrolled but an absent student so much so the teacher gave up calling me)

It came to a point when I told God that I would like some help please, but if it is your will that I cope myself, I will try my best, but please… I really don’t wish to do it, because it is very tough…(I didn’t have an easy time with TC and TX, although many would give me their wows and amazed look that I did everything on my own…but really if given a choice, even a little help is much appreciated please!) so I prayed that in Your mercy please spare me…however it wasn’t an option to hire a domestic helper because we were also struggling to balance our balance sheets, not only that we were resistant of the idea. Even if we wanted to, it was out of the question.

Nevertheless we started cutting our expenses…(although there was not much meat to cut already!) We also started asking for signs, and there were times we doubted even when the signs we asked came true (since we didn’t want to be presumptuous) and wanted to submit to God’s will. There were times we thought it was a no-go after we hit some obstacles. Until the day she arrived, we were apprehensive…

She came, and got along surprisingly well with the kids, she was so obliging, unassuming, considerate, hardworking and beyond my expectations. I hardly had to ask her to do anything nor teach her at all…I really thank God for her, she has brought me much relief and I am so very glad.

Therefore I consider this addition to our family very divine, the episode of hiring our domestic help has again affirmed me of His love and His power. God’s providence is all-encompassing.  He provided for the means, He also appointed the person, all glory and honor to Him.

Our plan was to have her with us for a season of time and get the home running on my own again when TC and TX is older, when they can be of help.


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