Baby has Arrived!

First of all I must say this is very very belated! Baby arrived on boxing day, 2012. He looks like his eldest brother! It has been a very busy 1.5 months. The PD for our children has given us the dreaded diagnosis that this baby is also gassy. True enough, not many days after birth he vomited, farted (almost all the time) and burped and hiccup (more frequently than other babies). I just thank God that he isn’t as bad as the 2nd boy who has GER. He was THE difficult one. The clock which I have to do my routine of waking nightly has been restarted again. My 2nd boy (21 months) is still waking 1-2 times every night. It is no fun waking up 5 times a night. Oh well, I just have to hang in there. Pray for me! =)




  1. George Tan

    God bless. Get help if necessary. One more to collect red packets…LOL

  2. Xinren

    congrats, sihui. really take care, to juggle everything all over again and with 3 young children to take care of.

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