Public Transport with a Toddler and child.

BSF(Bible Study Fellowship) started on 4 February this year and I’m privileged to get a place in the class this year, along with my 2 children. I have yet to sign baby up, as the baby wasn’t born yet when registration was in October last year. I am out and about after 6 weeks post partum, taking public transport to attend our weekly bible class, which is the highlight of the week for both my 2 older boys.

If you read my previous post how I managed last year, with a baby (yes, the 2nd boy TX was still a baby then) and a toddler, you might be somewhat inspired. This year, I’m taking 2 toddlers (coming 4yo and coming 2yo), and yes, still on public transport.

Here’s how we do it differently from last year. Again, lots of verbal cues and reminders, which I think is helpful for young children. The scenario is without stroller.
1. On the road, mommy holds hands of both boys, one on each side.
2. At bus stop, boys are expected to stay close to mommy. No wandering and playing. TX is still at learning stage, I will man-handle (physically restrain) him if needed until he understands what is expected of him.
3. After boarding, kor kor gets to tap EZ link card and choose the seat.
4. Mommy holds the younger toddler hands all the way to the seat. I might choose to carry him too if it is too crowded.
5. When alighting, Mommy help younger toddler down by holding his hands. I would carry him briefly to alight too if needed.

If carrying a stroller, I would take my umbrella stroller with a carry strap and hang across my shoulder so that I get 2 hands free especially during boarding and alighting.

May I repeat again that children should be expected to obey their parents, it is for their good. Otherwise you can imagine that it is quite impossible and highly dangerous to take public transport with 2 disobedient monkeys.

Here’s a picture we took on the bus on our first day to BSF, you can see they are happy and excited. TX especially insisted on carrying his own bag and he CAN sit through the journey, because he is expected to.


I’m thankful to God that I have a helper to mind the little baby until there is an opening for him. I wonder if one day I have to take public transport with all 3 on my own on a regular basis, I will try to post about it too. I made a mental scenario that I have to sling baby or put him in kangaroo pouch. I think I can do it if I have to but until then, I will enjoy my trips with the 2 boys for now. 🙂


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